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Wall Art - Gallery

Created freehand using both Graffiti spray paint and airbrushes. Wall art is created on both internal and external walls, we work closely with you to include you in the design of your wall to add personal details. For a free quote please email:

We have worked exclusively with schools to teach Graffiti and Airbrushing in line with the curriculum and support students learning. If you are a school looking to book a session please email:

Here are examples of some of our favourite indoor and outdoor wall art:

Queen Elizabeth .jpg

Memorial of our late Queen Elizabeth II at The Queens Arms in Audenshaw, Manchester

Caroline Flack.jpeg

Caroline Flack Mural painted in Wigan 

Sons of Anarchy.jpeg

Sons of Anarchy Mural painted in a Man Cave in Birmingham

Ella Toone Mural painted at Ella's local Union Arms in Tyldsley

Ella Toone.jpeg

Avengers toy room painted in Wigan


Liverpool Grounds, Managers and ex managers painted in St Helens

J K Rowling.jpeg

JK Rowlings - to inspire young writers at a Platt Bridge Community School

Marcus Rashford inspirational Mural at Hindley J&I Primary School

Marcus Rashford.jpeg
Star Wars.jpeg

Star Wars bedroom wall painted in Wigan.

Paddy Pimblett.jpeg

Paddy Pimblett inspirational wall at Area 51 gym in Crewe

story wall.jpeg

Seasons story wall painted at St Johns Primary School

Arnold, Dorian and Eddie Hall painted at Valhalla Gym in Ashton

Valhalla Gym.jpeg
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