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Take a look at my latest projects and pieces ranging from seasonal snow art, to full colour air brushing.

Snow Spray

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Check out my portfolio of black and white and full colour airbrushing artwork.

Snow Spray

Supporting mental health awareness

We know from experience the difficulties and challenges life can bring but we want to remind people that every situation is temporary no matter how bad it gets, it will pass. We strive to encourage the people we meet to follow their own dreams, don’t let fear hold you back and don't allow yourself to feel trapped in a situation.

If you are struggling please do seek help and support: Samaritans have a 24 hour support line call: 116 123

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Protecting the Future – Elephant Framed Print


£110.00£170.00 Inc VAT

Snow Brushes – Shaping tool

£5.00 Inc VAT

Snow Scrapers – Shaping

£5.00 Inc VAT

Level 2 Tutorial

£19.99 Inc VAT


Crafting intricate designs and vibrant murals with Snow and Airbrush artistry

Established in 2018, Snow Graffiti has become a standout name in the world of window art and murals. Our unique expertise lies in using snow spray and airbrushing to create mesmerising artwork. With Scott’s exceptional skills, we have gained a large and devoted following on social media. Let us add that magical touch to your commercial or public space.



Welcome to our tutorials where you can learn everything you need to know to create stunning snow spray creations.

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We're here to help

Meet Scott and Melissa, the driving force behind Snow Graffiti, who are always delighted to offer their assistance should you have any questions along the way.


Free Tutorials

Dive into the world of snow spray magic and learn the skills of snow spraying with our fantastic free tutorials. Unleash your creativity and let’s craft snowy scene together!

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