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Snow Spray Art - Gallery

Here are examples of our favourite Snow Graffiti scenes on windows. To see our glass canvas art work please visit our shop. 

Created using Snow Spray completely freehand on windows for both personal and business purposes. We create window displays for the most popular seasons: Halloween, Christmas and New Year. We have also created window displays for Birthdays, Funerals, Shop Events and The Queen's Jubilee.

Please email for a free quote. Prices vary dependent on location, window size and design request. Our window art is not the same as our Snow Graffiti Canvas work.

We create Snow Spray glass canvas which are individually framed by our own specialist using high quality non-reflective glass and go through a unique process to ensure the best quality art work created by Scott. 

Snow Spray Art - Miracle.jpg

Miracle on 34th Street - Our favourite Santa of all time.

It's a wonderful life.jpg

It's a Wonderful Life - 2020 taught us how precious life is. 


Personalised window including our customers gorgeous dogs.

Santa's Grotto - one of our most detailed pieces, a window in a window.

Snow Spray Art - Grotto.jpg

Some of our favourite portraits:

Johnny Depp.jpg

Captain Jack Sparrow


Elf - A Christmas Window

Peaky Blinders 

Halloween - IT.jpg

IT - A Halloween Window

Peaky blinders.jpg
mental health support.jpeg

Windows we created to provide support and promote positive mental health


We never know what people are going through, be kind always


Your true potential will be revealed if you believe in yourself


It is not selfish to do things that make you happy, spend time on you


You are always enough

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